Upon arrival, a Tori's Place staff member will greet you and begin the consultation process.  You will complete a waiver.  Our technicians will apply a topical numbing cream, if desired.  We have two types on numbing creams, the first one is a 1 hour cream, this is full numbing and most people won't feel a thing. During this time, you are welcome to stay at our studio or simply return at your designated piercing time. This numbing option is NOT available for babies, only for kids or adults that can sit still for 1 hour without touching their ears or rubbing the cream off. We also have a 5 minute numbing option. This option is NOT a full numbing, but it takes the edge off.

Once the appropriate ear piercing placement has been determined, the ear lobe will be sterilized, marked, and pierced.  We provide personalized service based upon your specific needs, such as simultaneous piercing for children that are old enough to hold still while we pierce. For this reason we cannot pierce babies both ears simultaneously . If you want us to pierce your child's ears simultaneously you must request an appointment for simultaneous ear piercing.

All earrings used in the piercing process are pre-packaged in sterile cartridges and are used in conjunction with our specialized piercing system.  All cartridges are single-use, disposable products for your safety.  All cartridges are disposed of after each client.  For these reasons, we can only use our earrings in these sterile cartridges for piercing. We DON"T use guns or needles.

These specialized earrings are worn for a minimum of 2 months (4-6 months for cartilage/helix and tragus piercings) in order for the healing process to be completed. They can be worn for 2 years if you want, 2 months is the minimum. These are NOT starter earrings, you don't have to change them and you can enjoy them for a lifetime.

Upon completion of your visit, our staff will answer any additional questions and explain aftercare instructions.

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